Hazelnut Coffee is my ultimate favorite coffee flavor..  But a few years ago I quit drinking coffee, so for a long time I wasn’t able to drink any coffee, it was crazy how I went from drinking 3 – 4 times cups of coffee a day to not drinking any for years. But a few months ago my son had me try some iced coffee (at first I was a only off because I didn’t know if I would gag by taking a sip) but I did try it and it was soooo good.. So, I got hooked right after, until I started my weight loss journey I saw that the calories can easily add up just drinking a cup of this cold drink.  Luckily, I saw a few recipes that can cut the calories by using some key ingredients.  The flavors are endless and is all about your favorite coffee flavor, but here is my favorite simple and low calorie Iced Coffee… Hope you try it and let me know which one is your favorite Iced Coffee Flavor… 


hazelnut iced coffee

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This is sooo refreshing and I just love the touch of hazelnut in my iced coffee ( you can use any creamer of your choice too).  

Based on My Fitness Pal Nutrition Facts it shows is about 45 calories per serving.  Enjoy without feeling guilty… 



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