Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Pumpkin flavor Pancakes that sounds like an interesting and healthy concept, so I began researching about Pumpkin it states that is very low in calories, rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.  How great is it to add a unique ingredient that is low in calories but it has healthy benefits in returned.  I know it has taken me some time to lose the weight or to simply learn about healthy eating but I love that everyday or so I can learn about new ingredients that can be added or substituted on those original recipes that didn’t provide a healthier outcome.

Today, I was in the mood for my Oatmeal banana pancake but I didnt want to use the bananas I had so instead looking through my pantry I spotted a can of 100% pure Pumpkin Puree which I thought this could be perfect.

The Feliciano Journey pumpkin-pancakes

I love using Pumpkin Puree which is also one of my secret ingredients when I make flan (custard) during the holidays. Once I made this new version of pancake recipe using pumpkin I had my kids try it and they said it did taste a little bit like the flan (once it had some syrup drizzle on top of the pancakes)

For a few months now since I started my weight loss journey checking the calories, protein and vitamins is something I look for when making daily meals and this was not the exception so verifying in my account on My Fitness Pal it states under the nutrition facts for the complete recipe is 243 calories (22g of Protein, 14g of Carbs, 5g of Fiber, and 158% of Vitamin A) This is one a keeper and such a healthy and fulfilling breakfast as well..

I hope you can try this recipe… Enjoy…



  1. We have recently started to enjoy pumpkin’s and we do enjoy pancakes, so I guess this will go on the recipe check list. Found you on Showcase Your Talent Thursday

    • thank you for replying. Pumpkin is one of those ingredients that is good to have and not just in the fall.. I love how the pancakes came out just by changing some ingredients and is very low in calories which is a plus in my book jejje…

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