Ninja Kitchen is a very new and popular item so far is like having your own small cafe right at home, if you think about it spending on coffee, latte, frappuccino, iced coffee and so forth can really add up in a year and buying your own Ninja Coffee can help you reduce those cost.  So far this item goes for $199 but there are a few places you can get it lower than that and the Ninja Kitchen is one of them. 



Deal from Ninja Kitchen

If you get this item from Ninja Kitchen is on special for $159.80 and they are also offering a payment plan which can help ease up the charges.

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Deal from Walmart

Also Walmart has this item on sale as well, remember this is a hot new item and so far I have seen it go for $199 but as you can see Walmart has it online for $139.00




Deal from Best Buy

Best Buy has small appliances on special when using the code you can save up to 20% and seeing the Ninja Coffee Bar model CF081  is on special for $179.99 entering the code you can save an additional $36.00 making this item before taxes $143.99.  In addition become a member to my bestbuy and earn 143 points on this order alone.

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