Brueggers Bagels is a little new to me since we dont have many in my area, but through a survey app I got a coupon for this particular company and for that reason in peak my interest.  I went to there site and sign up and to my surprise after a few days of signing up I got a coupon for a FREE Bagel with Cream Cheese.

So yesterday we went to try it and it was soooo good.. I truly recommend this place not only for breakfast but for lunch as well.


I got 2 coupons one for signing up and the other for my birthday, there coupon states that one is allowed per person so since I went with my husband we both got bagels with cream cheese for FREE..


I selected Plain Bagel with pumpkin cream cheese (it was sooo good)

My husband selected Plain Bagel with strawberry cream cheese (he enjoyed it as well) 


2015-11-22 (1)