FitStudio earn points while walking & how I used those points for free items

FitStudio is a wonderful site were you can earn points when you burn calories.  If you have a Fitbit, Mapmyfitness, myfitnesspal and other apps you can link which will help you track your daily calories burn on its own.

I earned a few points and when I logged in to my Kmart account I notice some of those points were going to expire today so instead I searched for items that reach the same amount so I can take advantage of the points.

The Feliciano Journey 2015-11-22-15-800x516


So I logged in to my Kmart account – shop your way and selected 2 Christmas towels the total reach the amount I had earned and my order was free.. 

The Feliciano Journey 2015-11-22-15-800x516  The Feliciano Journey 2015-11-22-13-800x563

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