Kmart Quick Trip 11/23/15 – OOP $3.55

Yesterday I posted this great deal from Kmart for members only so I quickly took advantage of that deal and I placed my order.  Today my order was ready to be picked up and I was happy to see the items didn’t disappoint.  On both orders we used our points we earned from FitStudio which is linked to our Fitbit, that is why our order got a deduction of $4.64 just from our FitStudio points (which were about to expired the day of the order)

The Feliciano Journey 20151124_015337468_iOS-450x600

  • Paid Out of Pocket: $3.55
  • Purchases Total: $26.19
  • Credit/Coupons/Promotions: $22.64
  • % Saved: 86.4%


Kmart has Cannon Fleece Throw for $1.99 (members only)

The Feliciano Journey 2015-11-22-10-300x236


FitStudio earn points while walking & how I used those points for free items

The Feliciano Journey 2015-11-22-15-300x194

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