Have you been checking your Starbucks for Life new promotion from My Starbucks Rewards every day?  Have you been getting 2 pieces per day?  In case you forgot or missed this giveaway, here is a reminder on how you can sign in for a chance to win some good prizes.  But if you don’t have an account you can join as well for a chance to win prizes and a free drink as well, here is how:

  • Join by starting with my link and you will get a free drink and Ill earned some stars jeje..
  • Once you join click sign up on the picture below.
  • Once you sign in click here to enter without any purchase

An email will be sent to you, it might take a few minutes before receiving game pieces to unwrap.

So far I won 5 stars and a 2 pieces on each row, which is exciting to think you can win on this giveaway but so far it has been good, can’t complain you even get stars so that is a plus.

Good luck to everyone….


What can you win?

  • Starbucks for Life* Five (5)
  • Starbucks for a Year* Twenty-five (25)
  • Starbucks for a Month* One hundred twenty-five (125)
  • Starbucks for a Week* Five hundred (500)
  • Bonus Star Prizes One million