Reminder… How crazy it sounds buying a Starbucks House Blend Coffee 12 oz Bag as low as $1.90 per bag?  Right now this item is on special for $6.99 but if you use your Target Cartwheel app, combine various gift card you might earned it might come out to $5.72 for 3 bags which is insane since 1 bag is $6.99 on special.  If this sound too good to be true here is what you can do to get this offer. (another bonus per bag  might come with a star which you can enter the code on your Rewards account to earn some benefits)

starbucks house blend

(Buy 3, use Target Cartwheel, after Target & Starbucks Gift Card it can be as low as $1.90 each)

  • Get 3 Starbucks House Blend or French Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag ($6.99) = $20.97
    Deduct 25% Off Starbucks House Blend  Target Cartwheel or French Roast Target Cartwheel 
    Pay out of Pocket: $15.73 but get Target $5 gift card wyb 3 = $10.73
    Submit $5 Starbucks eGift card wyb (3) participating Starbucks products
    Final Price: $5.72 or $1.90 per bag (Target & Starbucks Gift Card included)

thanks to totally target