Starbucks for Life is a new promotion from My Starbucks Rewards is a way you can sign in for a chance to win some good prizes.  But if you don’t have an account you can join as well for a chance to win prizes and a free drink as well, here is how:

  • Join by starting with my link and you will get a free drink and Ill earned some stars jeje..
  • Once you join click sign up on the picture below.
  • Once you sign in click here to enter without any purchase

An email will be sent to you, it might take a few minutes before receiving game pieces to unwrap.


What can you win?

  • Starbucks for Life* Five (5)
  • Starbucks for a Year* Twenty-five (25)
  • Starbucks for a Month* One hundred twenty-five (125)
  • Starbucks for a Week* Five hundred (500)
  • Bonus Star Prizes One million