ihg promotion

Finding ways to save as much as I can has been my mission, specially now that my son is away in the Army and has moved so far to 2 different states so lately we have been preparing to make another trip without affecting our budget and finances.  and this promotion couldn’t come at the best time possible.

IHG together with Mastercard they have a promotion that started on 11/15/15 and ends 3/15/16 which means there is still plenty of time for anyone willing to put the time to get started.

I started with a few index cards and right after we mailed a few more, here is the schedule of days each envelope was mailed.

  1. 12/13/15 – 10 envelopes were mailed
  2. 12/14/15 – 30 envelopes were mailed
  3. 12/30/15 – 40 envelopes were mailed

In total we mailed 80 envelopes based on there promotion official rules the limit of envelopes we can mail is 94.  In addition I also want to share how much I have spent for the envelopes that were mailed.

  • Walmart 2 – 40 pk envelopes $2.02 tax included
  • Post Office 80 stamps $39.20
  • Index Card – had a brand new pack

Total spent on promotion $41.22

Minimum reward expected  500 points * 80 envelopes mailed = 40,000

(which it can equivalent to 4 nights at there participating hotels) which in my book is not bad at all to spend $41.22 for about 4 nights at participating hotels from IHG.

Well what is this great promotion and how does it work? 

This promotion is a good way for you to earn points that can be redeemed at any participating IHG hotels, all you need is envelopes, stamps and index cards or a paper 3×5 on which you can handwrite per line the information required to qualify for the promotion.  Keep in mind the information in the index card or the 3×5 piece of paper has to be hand written it cannot be printed or you cannot add more than one piece of paper or index card per envelope because it will be disqualified. (Just like couponing is always best to read the fine print and on this case is best to read and follow accordingly).

Lets get started:

  • First before preparing the index cards you must sign up with IHG to create an account and once you register an account number will be given to you, make sure you save your IHG Rewards club account number since you will need it for your index card entry.
  • Second, get your index card or a 3×5 piece of paper ready to write on each line the following information. (On my case I used index card and it worked well) Make sure the hand written information is very clear specially your email address and IHG number.
  • (Each line is number in the order and the information that is expected on each line)
    1. Name and Last Name
    2. Street Address
    3. City, State and Zip Code
    4. Daytime Phone Number
    5. Evening Phone Number
    6. Email Address
    7. IHG Reward Number
    8. First 6 Digits of your MasterCard
    9. Date of Birth
  • Prepare your envelope- I used standard size, Also the Information from To and From was hand written. The mailing address is:
    • IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion,
    • c/o HelloWorld, Inc.,
    • P.O. Box 5996,
    • Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996

Because there are so many entries please expect about a month for you to receive an email inviting you to play the game.  On this game you will be asked to select a floor from the elevator option and in there it will show you the prize you won which the lowest prize expected is 500 points which is still a win.

To read this promotion official rules just click here.

Is this worth it ? writing so many index cards and envelopes over and over?? In my opinion it is a good way to earn points just for spending a few dollars and following this promotion rules.


When do I make the time to write my envelopes and index cards?  The times I have gone to the movies to see it first while we are sitting to wait for the movie to begin I have my index cards with me and I write as many as I can.  Also if I’m at an appointment, or when watching a show is another good time to used to prepare my envelopes..


Hope this helps you and is a motivation to help you earn points and plan some future travels..