Frappuccino a very well known and expensive cold drink, it can be enjoyed with many toppings and it goes well with any meal (at least in my opinion jejej).  But lets face it, this wonderful drink can be very expensive and it has many calories and both can cost you dearly if consumed daily or even weekly.

skinny frappuccino

Here is a simple and quick recipe on how you can make this delight at home while cutting the calories and the price.

A great Frappuccino has to start with espresso or some very strong coffee, another option is making strong flavored coffee which enhances the final taste of this cold drink.



It seems like a small amount but less than half way through I was all ready full jeje.. So even for me one recipe was good to share or save for later.

Enjoy this drink while is light. If you prefer to make this with Starbucks flavor, a good option is to buy some Starbucks Hot Coffee, cool the amount you wish to use and follow the recipe.



This recipe is about 127 calories

  • Blue Diamond Milk Unsweetened 1/2 cup = 15 calories
  • Sugar Free Hot Fudge 2 tbsp = 90 calories
  • Cool Whip Lite 2 tbsp = 20 calories
  • Coffee 1/2 cup = 2 calories