Skinny Strawberry Coulis

Crepes is my husband and I favorite breakfast item when eating out with family and friends but what intrigues me the most about this delicious meal besides that is light, airy and fluffy is the Strawberry Sauce or also know as the Strawberry Coulis.  

The Feliciano Journey strawberry-coulis

In our family most Saturday morning we tried to create or introduced a new breakfast meal, this could go from something totally new, to something quick but delightful and one of those Saturdays I searched and made a simple Strawberry Coulis.  This recipe normally goes with water or a bit of lemon juice but since my husband loves oranges and changed it and now this recipe is one of our favorites Coulis.

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This recipe makes about 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 cups of Strawberry Coulis, it can be doubled as well since is quick to make I usually stick to the recipe below unless I’m using it for a dessert.



This recipe is about 7 calories per tablespoon this is based on My Fitness Pal and this recipe is a winner every time when using for any meal since is healthy and it has very little calories.

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