1/29/16 Shopping Trip Linky Party – 2

Saving, being frugal, shopping around, couponing and setting a budget are ways to help us feel better on how and where we spent our money. I dont know about you but every time we make a payment at checkout the first thing I love to see is my receipt and see how much we saved, and if our trip was 10% to 90% savings is still a huge accomplishment in my eyes. That is why I love to see other shopping trips and share my own because we can motivate and be an inspiration to help others find deals and savings.

So I welcome you to our 2nd Linky Party and lets celebrate how much you were able to save this week.

The Feliciano Journey friday-linky-party  Feel Free to share your shopping trip, great finds, deals and any spreadsheet you may use for your trips. Last night we went to see Risen a new movie that is expected to be released next month and for that reason we didnt go shopping at Publix but we are planning doing at least a small trip this weekend. I would like to share how I got 3 hotel stays for FREE… we are planning to go to our son Army Graduation and since is many hours away we were able to book 3 hotel stays for FREE, here is how; Recently I have been posting about a promotion from IHG & Mastercard, this promotion only requires a few items in order to participate (in reality we paid $41.22 for the items needed but that is practically FREE hotels stays in my eyes since you cant find a night stay for that price)  The Feliciano Journey friday-linky-party  The Feliciano Journey ihg-logo

Click on links below to find out more on how you can get started, this promotion is still active and it ends Feb 14th.

So Far, we have received 27,500 points and with those points we have been able to book 3 stays which is a wonderful way on how we can save even on Family Trips.. 


The Feliciano Journey friday-linky-party  The Feliciano Journey ihg-logo  The Feliciano Journey 20160130_013251770_iOS-800x600


Publix Shopping Trip 1/29/16 – $10.00

Hope this motivates you to save while you shop and here are a few post on how I have been able to save since I started couponing (saving).

Feel free to post your savings, deals, tips and shopping trips…  Have a blessed weekend..


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