What a great trip at Publix today, love how Publix shows consistency with great deals throughout the year, meaning, for example during Superbowl season you can see typically great deals enough to help you stock up if necessary.  Overall every year during the Superbowl season (to use as an example) you can always find some great items every year.  This year I am surprised to see what a great price Al Fresco Chicken Sausage is, when this product was being promoted a few years ago Publix was giving out some samples and I was impressed with how unique this product is.  

Well back to my trip, today I was able to reach $40 before coupons which it was something I was looking forward to since I wanted to save an additional $5 using the Publix coupon we received on our newspapers this past Sunday.


Here is my Summary Shopping Trip Amount

  • (If you would like to keep track of your trips and see how much you are saving monthly just click here to download or print 2016 shopping yearly spreadsheet) 


  • +$124.56 Purchase Overall Total

    -$113.77 Coupons & Credits

    =$10.79 Total Amount Paid (ibotta cash back included)

  • 91.3% Overall Percentage Savings


+$16.98 (Buy 4, Use 4 Target & 4 Mfr coupons and pay as low as $0.25 each)

+$3.49 (Got 2, Use 4 Publix & 4 Mfr coupons and pay as low as $0.25 each)

+$5.99 (Got 2, Use 4 Mfr coupons and pay as low as $1.99)

+$5.69 (Got 2, Use 4 Mfr & 4 Publix coupons and pay as low as $0.85 each)

+$0.67 (Got 1, no coupons used $0.67 each)

  • Hass Avocado Reg Price $1.00 Special Price $0.67


+$6.99 (Got 2, Use 2 Mfr coupons and pay as low as $2.00 each)