1st $10 Publix GC – Stocking Spree Rewards Earned

Making your trip at Publix can be very rewarding since you can save with there weekly deals, coupons, offers and much more but in addition they also have the Stocking Spree Rewards Promotion which you can earn $10 in Publix Gift Cards for every $50 of Participating items click here to find out more.

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I want to share my First Reward I received 3/14/16 a $10 Gift Card from Publix.  I like to save my receipts because every month I enter those amounts into a spreadsheet and keep track of my savings and amount spent on groceries by month.  Luckily hearing about this promotion it helped me used those receipts to earn some rewards.

On this trip alone I submitted the receipt to my surprised the total amount it showed was for $51.92, so on a trip I spent $15.34 it qualified for the Stocking Spree Rewards and reaching the required amount all in one trip.

Publix Shopping Trip 2/3/16 – $15.34

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Publix Stocking Shopping Spree Rewards

  • 2/3/16 Receipt Date
    $15.34 Receipt Amount
  • $51.92 Reward Amount per Receipt
    $50.00 Reward $50 in Purchases
    $1.92 Amount to apply for next Gift Card
  • $10.00 Publix Gift Card Earned

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