Back in ending of 2015 if you installed the McDonald’s app it was offering a free sandwich once the app is installed (this offer can still be available but I am not too sure, you can check once the app is installed) Every week you get new offers which starts on Monday and ends on Sunday of every week.

Yesterday McDonalds app was showing a FREE Medium Extra Value Meal of your choice simply because the Bolts won (Tampa Bay Lightning), this item was available only yesterday to redeem at participating locations.

20160420_115133280_iOSSince I am trying to be more conscience of what I eat, I order the Artisan Grilled Chicken with Fries and Light Lemonade drink ( I stopped eating french fries but yesterday I had a few) jejeje.. My meal total was $7.19 but for using the app my total came out to $0.00.

If you are planning to go to Mcdonald’s any time soon install the app on your phone to make sure once you get there the deals are all ready shown.


Note: Once Im near a McDonalds or is time for us to eat or buy a snack I always check the app because the offers change depending on the area you are in.