Dunkin Donuts New App enroll by today and see what they are offering

Dunkin Donuts now has a new app, if you had the previous one you will notice some changes once you install the new one.  There has been some glitches while making the changes so just to be safe if you had some money left on your account make sure you save your card information but other than that the change was smooth for me.  By today if you make the change and install the new app you will earn a few incentives. Just click here to find out more. The Feliciano Journey 20160421_142114198_iOS-450x600

First install the new app, enroll in DD Perks w/ code STARS & receive a

FREE beverage & 125 points!

Plus 125 points on your 2nd and 3rd visit when you pay with your enrolled DD card!

The Feliciano Journey 20160421_142114198_iOS-450x600  The Feliciano Journey 20160421_142319540_iOS-440x600

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