4/22/16 Shopping Trip Linky Party – 12

We havent been able to do any trips lately since we were away on a road trip to our oldest son Army Graduation, since we got back early this week we were able to buy just a few items.  The time went so quickly and right after it was time to say good bye all over again as he travels overseas.  Is all bittersweet, I applaud each parent, spouse, family and friends that has love ones in the military and have to get used to a new lifestyle change. Later on I will share our trip and how we were saved so much on this road trip.


The Feliciano Journey friday-linky-party

I welcome you to our 12th Linky Party and lets celebrate how much you were able to save this week.  Feel free to share your trips or best deals you found this week.


Victorias Secret Quick Trip – $0.70

The Feliciano Journey 20160422_130227536_iOS


Mcdonalds App – Free Value Meal (2 days this week)

Our family got Dinner free twice this week thanks to the Mcdonalds App

The Feliciano Journey 20160420_115133280_iOS-1


Publix Shopping Trip 4/20/16 – $13.52 (82% savings)

The Feliciano Journey 20160419_231922093_iOS


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