Today is Friday and so many things come to mind, 19 years ago I had my first child (today is his birthday but we have been saying happy birthday to him since yesterday, why? because he is in South Korea and the time difference is 13 hours so his birthday was yesterday for him but today for us jejej I know is a little crazy and we are adapting to this big change.

Also is Mother’s day weekend so excited for all the moms which is time to celebrate and make this weekend all about you jejej..


friday linky party

I welcome you to our 14th Linky Party and lets celebrate how much you were able to save this week.  Feel free to share your trips or best deals you found this week.



Victorias Secret Overall Trip – $13.25 (purchases $389.60)



Publix Shopping Trip 5/4/16 – $14.22 (75% savings)