On February 28th I shared the following post about a wonderful Rewards Promotion from Victoria’s Secret which required to spend about $26 (in stamps, envelopes and index card) but for each envelope you sent each day you were to receive at least $10 reward gift cards to use at any participating Victoria’s Secret store.


Victoria Secret: Secret Reward Promotion ($26 spend & receive $240) get started today

vs secret reward stps


I would like to share my overall experience with this promotion which ended 3/28/16 and how I spent the rewards received.

I mailed a total of 24 envelopes and received 26 Secret Reward Gift Cards


(Stamps) 24 x 2 stamps = 48 @ .49 each = $23.52

(Envelopes) 1 box of 40 = $1.07

(Index Cards) had what I needed

Expenses Total $24.59

Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards:

My first rewards card I received by mail was on 4/7/16 which was a week after the promotion had ended (we had till 3/28/16 to mail the envelopes) and not receiving any rewards until the deadline was very discouraging feeling I probably wasted my money but once I received my first envelope I realized it worked jejeje..

(Gift Cards) 25 x $10 each = $250

(Gift Cards) 1 x $20 each = $20

Secret Rewards Total Amount Received: $270.00



Shopping Trips using Secret Rewards Received:

My trip was really good overall, I also took advantage on our road trip visiting a few malls and luckily they were able to accept all of my secret rewards on each transaction when stores locally would only accept 1 per transaction and because of that I was able to pay less out of pocket.

Purchases $389.60

Credits/Special Discount – $376.35

Amount Paid out of Pocket $13.25

Percentage Amount Saved 96.6%



Got more than 8 Bras

Got more than 6 Panties

Got about 8 Lotions and/or Spray Mist







I like to share how our family has been able to save by taking advantage of deals and promotions like the one mentioned above.  I get very excited seeing how much we have been able to save and also excited to share how this promotion worked.