Today is our 17th Linky Party & every week we get excited to see what is the current specials so we can take advantage and stock up with those items.  This week there were many good deals in the Publix weekly ad that started yesterday, and on Sunday there was a good Publix coupon helping the total reduced by $10 when your grocery total $50 (so it was a very good week)..  Hope you were able to get some good snacks, meals & treats for this upcoming long weekend.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful early Memorial weekend ..

friday linky party

Here is our weekly trip, in case you missed it..

Publix Shopping Trip 5/22/16 – $19.75




Publix Shopping Trip 5/26/16 – $3.77





Now is your opportunity to share how you did..

Thanks for you support and for sharing your trips…