Urban Decay order got cancelled but will receive something better instead, here is what happened.. 


On Tuesday night almost Wednesday morning, I was reading some reviews on the Urban Decay site while there I decided to order an item that I know would be helpful on my new makeup routine.

This week a very close friend recommended this makeup line and as she talked to me how great there products are she gave me some free samples for me to try before I buy any foundation from Urban Decay.  While on the site I decided to order the Naked Flushed palette which offers 3 must have products in one (silky bronzer, highlighter and blush)

As I was checking out I entered a promo code my friend gave me which offered a discount and as I continue my order I logged in just to make sure I get the free shipping but I ran into the ShopRunner (which I explain a little bit more how this work and how you can get it FREE) Once I finished entering shipping information, ShopRunner new account and selecting free sample by then it was all ready past midnight.  

As I selected a credit card to use I notice my amount was $0.00, which I was extremely surprised since it didn’t make any sense but I continued and by then my order was placed.
A few minutes after placing my order, I received an email confirming my order, showing payment information and sharing my shipping method (ups 2nd day air)


A day later I received an email explaining what happen to my order. They explain during the time I was placing my order they had issues with there system and for that reason any orders made during that time cannot be fulfilled. My order got cancelled but because it was an error made on there part they are sending me a FREE new item – Naked Ultimate Basics Palette
At the end it all worked out and because of that error I will be receiving a FREE item, I appreciate how Urban Decay handle this situation and for that I am happy new customer.

You can earn points if you order directly from there site, in addition just to start getting points you can sign up using my link and we both will get 10 points Add your facebook and other social account to get additional points.