Corner Bakery Cafe BOGO Sandwich coupon (ck your email)

The Feliciano Journey cornerbakerystore-211x600  Corner Bakery Cafe has sent a new coupon by email, the deal applies to a BOGO Sandwich and it expires on 12/15/16.

If you would like to try Corner Bakery Cafe but was hesitant to do so with this coupon you can try there sandwiches while sharing with a friend or family member.

A few weekends ago, we stopped for a quick breakfast before heading to the movies and we were impressed with the taste and size portion of our orders.  Right after we signed up and join there ecafe and since then I have received a few coupons/offers (which I love deals and coupons) so that was a plus for me..  I hope you are able to take advantage of there offers and have the same or better experience then we received..

The Feliciano Journey IMG_4205-e1481593927586-564x600

The Feliciano Journey cornerbakery-800x331

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