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McDonalds is offering extra coupons in there app more than usual.  Every monday you should see new coupons in your app and also additional coupons while selecting one of the boxes, this game ends 12/26 so just letting you know in case you are stopping here.


Saving money specially on food makes you feel good knowing you didnt compromise on getting something just because of a budget or how much you might have spent all ready during the holidays.  Is good to know there are many options by using restaurant/fast food apps that can help you pay less while getting more.




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Here I’m sharing how many coupons are showing in my app, but keep in mind when you open your app at different location or cities the coupon changes (which in many occasion I get to see better offers when in area like theme parks are near)

Everyday you open your app scroll down until you see a picture where you get to choose a gift from 3 diferent boxes to choose from, once you click one it will show a new coupon.  I have done this 1 per day and so far I have received FREE fries with any purchase (any size).

The coupon I received from the gift boxes all expires in 2 days which gives you time to decide if you would like to use any of them.



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