CVS Trip 2/5/17 – $15.51 from $110.60

Today was a good day shopping at CVS, I couldnt do the deodorant deal since I didnt get those coupons but mostly everything I had on my list I was able to get. This trip doesnt seem like is a lot but checking the regular price on the item purchased it gave a total of $110.60.  I really enjoy seeing how much I can save by combining deals, coupons while getting ECB at the end of each transaction.  I love sharing with others so they can too stretch there dollar while getting products we need for our family.  I hope through my post you can save as well while sharing with me how much you saved too..

Here is how we did it..

The Feliciano Journey IMG_5826

The Feliciano Journey IMG_5796

The Feliciano Journey cvstrip020517

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