There are some great deals coming up for next week, which will start on Sunday Feb 19th and those will end on Saturday Feb 25th.  It is no surprise that almost every week CVS has some great deals and as I will show you with the images shown below, this week is not the exception.  If you were able to scan your CVS card this week some of those CVS coupons might come in handy for the upcoming ad.  Also if you want to take advantage of the Hefty Bags deal, select the offer in your Ibotta app before heading out to CVS this Sunday..

With just the top deals coming up for the next CVS weekly ad you will see there are many savings which can go up to $95, for the total amount saved, (all going based the regular price provided at the CVS site, which the amount can vary depending on the price you might find at your local CVS).

For the physicians Formula deal which most people received a CVS coupon which helps you save $8 if you spend $20, if you received this coupon I shared 3 options / ideas of items you can get which can come up to less than $4 for both items..

Here is to getting prepared for another good week..


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