Today was a good day shopping at CVS, I was able to save $84 on everything you see from this trip.. I detail my 3 transactions so you can see how I was able to save as much as I did. I dont include any previous ECBs I used because I want to share with you how you can do this as well if you dont have any ECBs or if you are starting to shop at CVS..

Here is how we did it..

There was an error on my transaction 1, as we were coming out of CVS I looked at the receipt and was surprised to get $6 ecb for the mouthwash so that made me look at my items, there I saw we were charged for 2 mouthwash instead of 1, I looked inside the bags and did see we only had 1.  We went back inside and went to the same lady, she remember since it just happened a minute ago and luckily there wasnt anyone in line.  She gave us the credit of $5.13 and allowed us to keep the $6 ECB.