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Centuries ago, frankincense resin obtained from Boswellia trees was worth more than gold. Sacred frankincense has been used in aromatherapy since ancient times due to its unique woody, spicy scent. In addition, compounds present in frankincense extract have been shown to have astringent and rejuvenating properties. As a result, frankincense is often used for:

– AROMATHERAPY. Frankincense essential oil can be placed in a diffuser, added to bathwater or mixed with carrier oils.
– BEAUTY CARE. Frankincense essential oil is loaded with nutrients and may be used in a variety of lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics.

Beauty Aura Frankincense Essential Oil is truly the best because it’s:

– STEAM DISTILLED. Because we produce our frankincense oil with steam distillation, its beneficial compounds are left intact.

– UNDILUTED & PURE. Beauty Aura frankincense essential oil is therapeutic grade and free of additives.

Reap the benefits of frankincense with the best quality frankincense oil. Order Beauty Aura Frankincense Essential Oil now.

PREMIUM QUALITY OIL Beauty Aura Frankincense essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the resin that comes from the boswellia genus trees. We follow strict guidelines to protect the natural properties of the oil during extraction and packaging. Our oil is therapeutic grade for maximum potency. All Beauty Aura essential oils are packaged in USA to ensure best quality.
EXPERIENCE THE AMAZING BENEFITS Frankincense essential oil is renowned due to its comforting, rejuvenating and astringent properties makes it a great oil for aromatherapy massages.
100% PURE- NEVER DILUTED Beauty Aura Frankincense essential oil is 100 percent pure. We never dilute our essential oils with preservatives or any liquid. In every bottle of Beauty Aura Frankincense essential oil you will get 100% Pure Frankincense oil.
FRESHNESS ASSURED Beauty Aura Frankincense essential oil comes in an amber colored glass bottle to block the light and keep the oil fresh.
BLENDING Frankincense oil blends well with oils like bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon, geranium, lavender, lemon, orange etc.