Price: $44.70

Designed by a woman who is tired of clutter! Get back your counter space! Trust me and all the happy owners of this spinner, you will be thrilled at how much this can hold. If you say that this spinner is holding 30 items that cost $10. each, that is $300 worth of cosmetics that will probably be all gone in 6 months! BUT, your spinner will still be spinning, a delight to use and enjoy and a good investment! With just a twirl, everything you use daily is right there at your fingertips, not in a drawer, under the counter or all over counter. This 12 inch W x 15 1/4 inch tall spinning organizer has other uses as well! I keep one on my kitchen counter and you may find other uses too.ON SALE! ….With just a spin everything is at your fingertips. This unit is designed to hold the products you use everyday. It’s the perfect answer to getting your counter top back.! Just take it out of the carton and start getting organized.
Everything is visible and spins freely on the commercial grade ballbearing 9 inch turntable, that has non-skid tabs on bottom…only 12 inches of counter space. Made of both virtually nonbreakable Clear Lexan and black slightly textured ABS. Cleans easily with mild soap and water.
Why have several little organizers? when one can do the job and hold even more in Only 12 inches.
Enjoy this spinner for years to come, we build our designs to last.
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