/Do you feel lightweight yet?  Do you feel lighter today? It was a question I asked myself today… Here is why…

Life can bring many curves, uphills and some downhills situations all in one week.  Many news and situations that are unexpected and out of our control can make anyone feel overwhelmed and stress..  We can never understand right in the moment why we face so many crazy situations, of course as time passes by we then accept it and move forward knowing we can do anything in Christ Jesus..what a powerful way to think… but in my case sometimes I take a little longer to get there..

After facing so many crazy news, some doors closing and newer situations I felt so much was going in and nothing was in my control.. But one night I decided to continue praying and it was different I just knew it was best for me to give that extra time, even though my mind battle with an agenda of things to work on. Instead I gave that extra time, and my prayer change it just gradually went to different topics including praying for other, for those in the storm, for the youth and other couples and families struggles.  Once I finished, I continue to meditate as I got prepared to go to bed, right then I realized how much lighter I felt..

We hear so many times to cast our troubles into the Lord, but do we leave them there?  In many occasions I tend to pick those troubles back up and try to fix/solve them myself. I notice this is a great way to leave our troubles in His hands, pray about them, give Him thanks in all situations and continue to pray for those we dont know but are struggling in similar situations..

A day after feeling so much lighter, I realized this is such a wonderful feeling.. Is probably how I felt when I lost some weight.  I did feel lighter, clothes fit better, I had more energy, I didnt feel tired as quickly as before,  I was able to walk so much more without feeling weight down. Just losing a few pounds truly made a difference in my life, it truly improved it. So, now I asked why cant I strife to apply that same goal into my spiritual life.  How can I make myself feel lighter, how can I shed those pounds, the extra baggage that I continue to carry? Is not easy to shed a few pounds and most of all is not easy to keep it off..

It has to be a lifestyle change, there has to be something in me to keep me motivated and overcome all of the obstacles I may face each day… As I remember that wonderful feeling, after I finish my prayer time.  I felt so much lighter and happier.  The problems and concerns were still there but now those didnt overwhelmed me, instead I was joyful and trusting in God that He will do as He please..

Everyone has a different diet, meal plan, healthy eating and some type of exercise that works for them, we now have to find the perfect combination for our Spiritual Life to make sure we feel lighter so we can be a lot stronger and healthier for Him…


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