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#9 Life Guard is a 100% natural therapeutic formula for flu Remedy essential oil blend is a Unique Propriety blend of essential oils from ancient scripts.
It is known to fight and assist in a quick recover for harsh colds associated with fatigue.
Natural Flu Remedy essential oil blend, reputed for its healing potential for Flu Symptoms.
Flu Guard N9 is known to combat Fatigue Achy Feeling and Chills, and may boost your immune system back to health. #9 Flu Guard Remedy is an oil blend mixture of pure and natural essential oils with ingredients used hundreds of years ago by healers. This specific blend of strong and aromatic essential oils may enhance your immune system by helping to promote your body to heal itself against Flu, Colds, nasal clearance and Chills.
By JD Schloss health and personal care products.

The J. D. Schloss Traditional Aromatherapy Center was established in 1988 by Tsippi and Haim Schloss. Haim Schloss, a world-renowned expert on aromatherapy, specializing in developing formulas of oils and natural essences, heads the center and is a source of inspiration for the center staff and for thousands of professional practitioners, in Israel and abroad.

Directions for use: Apply 10-20 drops in half a cup of water 1-3 times a day depending on the severity of your symptoms.REPUTED BY ANCIENT HEALERS – Unique Propriety blend of essential oils from ancient scripts, best blend known one of the most powerful holistic remedies. Known to assit the immune system’s protection and strengthening ability. Many practitioners consider JD Schloss’s product an essential natural blend to promote healing and health against Flu, Colds, nasal clearance and Chills.
PROMOTE FAST RECOVERY – considered to promote health and possibly very fast recovery by triggering your body to heal itself via this unique natural aromatherapy Flu Guard blend.
KNOWN TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM & RESPIRATORY FUNCTION – may be used for Flu Symptoms, Colds and Chills with blocked nose relief and congested breathing.
ADVISED TO STAY PROTECTED BY CARRYING THIS BLEND WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES – It is advisable to keep JD Schloss Flu Guard N9 in your bag, especially when travelling or for immediate use and may prevent your illness getting worse.