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Make this oil a part of your daily lifestyle by diffusing for a fresh scent, unwinding with a few drops in the bath, or preventing unwanted odors from building up. Create a relaxing atmosphere that will bring you peace and balance. Hand crafted with love in the USA, we back this oil with a 100% money back guarantee. Try our other essential oils; Tea Tree Oil, Orange Oil, and Lavender oil.Promotes a stimulating and rejuvenating environment while invigorating your mood with a minty, refreshing aroma from Eucalyptus oil.
Essential oil blend of Eucalyptus and other natural ingredients gives off relaxing and calming aroma. Mirth Beauty’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil provides antioxidant benefits while releasing a pleasant smell for all
This wellness oil can be added to your bath as a bath oil, a reed diffuser bottle, spray bottle or directly to skin on pulse points. You can also add this Eucalyptus oil to a foot cream, foot lotion, or body wash for a purifying effect.
Mirth essential oil can be used for a variety of areas in your life such as reducing odors in the home or for a breath of fresh air. Add a few drops to your shower or steam room and inhale through your nose to help with decongestion.
Proudly Made in the USA. Not tested on animals. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.