Price: $14.95

Ergonomic, Lightweight Sleeping Mask

Perfect for Traveling

This is an excellent light blocking sleep mask, it has a large cavity area, so your eyes don’t touch the fabric, which means you stare into inky blackness when you put this mask on. It has a fully adjustable Velcro strap sure to fit most sizes of head, fabric is lightweight and breathable, perfect for sleeping anywhere.

Product Features

-Large eye cavity area reduces pressure for more relaxed sleeping
-Fully adjustable strap for your own perfect fit
-Lightweight, cool temperature on the face and easy to travel with
-Excellent light blocking provides complete darkness to induce sleep more quickly

Inside of Sleeping Mask

Lightweight polyester fabric is cool on the face. This sleeping mask features a large eye cavity to reduce pressure on the eyes and provide an inky blackness that eases you to sleep more comfortably.

Outside of Sleeping Mask

The fabric on the outside of the mask does not make contact with the face; it simply defines the look and feel of the mask. You get to choose a color that you feel most comfortable wearing. The Dreamlite Travel Sleep Mask comes in black and white.

Strap Details

The strap is fully adjustable with a velcro strap that fits most head sizes.


Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent
Lay flat to dry


Size: 4″ x 8″
Weight: 1 ozLarge Eye Cavity Area allows for uninterrupted REM during sleep
Fully Adjustable Strap
Light weight, breathable fabric stays cool
100% light blocking