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Cymbopogon flexuosus or lemongrass as it is better known is a fragrant herb that has been used as a natural remedy and beauty secret for centuries. Now, modern science has discovered that phyto compounds present in lemongrass essential oil have a number of beneficial properties. These compounds allow lemongrass to act as a/an

– ANALGESIC & ANTI-INFLAMMATORY to fight pain and ease stiffness
– ANTIBACTERIAL to combat germs that can cause illness
– DIURETIC to promote urinary function

Because of the beneficial compounds found in Cymbopogon flexuosus, lemongrass oil is commonly used for a number of natural remedies, including:

– Soothing muscle & joint pain
– Increasing lactation for breastfeeding
– Supporting the immune system by fighting bacteria, viruses & fungus
– Reducing fevers
– Sanitizing wounds as a natural antiseptic
– Easing stomach gas
– Detoxifying the kidneys
– Addressing symptoms of depression
– Promoting restful sleep
– Repelling insects
– Acting as a natural deodorant to fight body odor
– Alleviating symptoms of nervous system conditions, disorders and diseases

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