AliExpress: Beauty Glazed EyeShadow Palette – $9.89 (one day only)

If you are into beauty, makeup or simply follow a specific brand you wouldve been able to notice that many new palettes were launched.. If you were impressed by each new palette for the eyes, to contour or to highlight you would see how it can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars on makeup products..

Well, if you are like me you pick and choose which one is worth purchasing and which one might be best to find a dupe then here is a a great option.  Recently I saw a video for a dupe on the Jacklyn Hill Morphe palette, truly this one is worth getting since it has a nice range of colors and they all blend nicely.. But this palette goes for $38 and on its own is not bad but there are other ones I would prefer to get so I tried to stretch my money jejeje..

That being said on the video I saw, she mentioned a dupe she found and as she swatched each shade and did a quick tutorial you can see it is worth getting.  Well, the price I saw when watching the video was going for $11 – $15 which is pretty good for a dupe… But today I saw a great deal but is limited for a few hours at AliExpress regular price is $14.99 but you can get it for $9.89

The range of colors are very similar to the original except this palette might have a few lighter version shades.  In addition the shipping is FREE but it can take a while before you might get this product.  Just letting you know in case you wanted the palette in a hurry..