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Beauty Facial Routine & best recipes

I struggle for more than 10 years with acne, dark-aged spots and sensitive skin, during that long time I tried many products got many prescribed ointments, lotions & medications by my dermatologist.  The sad thing is my skin got worst, instead of giving up I decided to try going natural and after a few years with some good results & many tweaks I am sharing what worked for me.

The Feliciano Journey diy-rose-toner2-150x150


DIY Rose Toner with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender & Lemon Oil. Is best for sensitive and acne prone skin.  This toner has only a few items and has helped improved my sensitive skin.




The Feliciano Journey diy-rose-toner2-150x150  The Feliciano Journey neutrogena-rev-111516


Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Review Week 1 which was on 11/15/16, I share my review on my first tried of this product, what was the result and what I notice.  It is crazy to review a product on just your first tried but you will notice a difference right away.