In 2012, I heard of a show called Extreme Couponing, it wasnt something I watched but heard people around me share how on the show people paid close to nothing for a lot of bags they purchased at their local grocery store.  I thought how could this be?? how could someone take home more than $300 worth of groceries for a few dollars?  Could this be something I can do as well? Well, time passed by and as I glance on TV what to watch I saw they were giving a few episodes of the show so we decided to see it for ourselves.   At first I was amazed on how many items they got for free but the more I watched the more confused I would got, so right away I thought this wasnt for me.   A few months later, my niece and a friend share how we can make it work by getting deals that are on bogo and matching it with a manufacture (mfr) coupon.  So, I started to search on site for any good coupons of products I would use, printed a few and waited until it was time to go shopping.frugal journey groceries

A few days later My friend calls me and tells me some of the items that were on bogo and how there was some coupons I could print to match the deal, so the next day I printed the ones she mentioned and headed to my nearest supermarket.

It was my first time and I didn’t know if it would work, I handed my coupons, he started to scanned my coupons and my husband and I right away watched at the screen while my total amount to pay was going down.  Once he stops he told me my final price and I couldn’t believe that a few pieces of paper (coupons) had saved me almost half of my trip.  and that was the beginning of a true couponer ejeje..


Here is a glance on how much we have saved just by cutting a few coupons and searching for weekly deals:

Before Couponing:

Our estimate monthly grocery amounts were

  • Walmart: $200 – $300
  • Sams: $125 – $175

Estimate Monthly Total of $325 – $475

Estimate Yearly Total of $3900 – $5700

My first trip was october 27 of 2012 and after that I kept track of my spending to see how much I was saving per month.

After Couponing:

Year 2012 (November and December)

  • November Purchase 1095.37  Paid Out of Pocket 111.64  % Saved 89.81%
  • December Purchase 1230.85  Paid Out of Pocket 34.10  % Saved 97.23%

Year 2013 (January – December Year Summary)

  • Purchase 12,304.95  Paid Out of Pocket 728.02  % Saved 94.08%

Year 2014 (January – July 7 months Summary)

  • Purchase 5474.82  Paid Out of Pocket 816.18  % Saved 85.10%


Overall (Since Nov 2012 – July 2014)

  • Purchases $20,105.99 
  • Paid Out of Pocket 1689.94 
  • % Saved 91.60%

You can too begin to cut your grocery expenses up to 50% off a year..  On my next post I will share a little more of some steps you can get started by checking weekly deals from your local supermarket (Publix, Winn-Dixie, Kroger, Shop-Rite, Meijer, Safeway and others as well) local drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid).