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About OlayOlay is about beauty, inside and out. It’s about keeping in constant concert with a woman’s wants, her needs, her aspirations. But more than anything, it’s about celebrating the unique beauty within every woman, because loving the skin we’re in is the most beautiful feeling of all.Olay’s Classic Care rangeYou love trying out new products but you’re also a fan of your tried and tested favourites. This is why time and again you return to Olay’s Classic Care range – the perfect way to achieve softer, smoother skin. Plus, if you’re looking for something with an extra boost, why not jump up a level to the Complete Care range offering three brilliant beauty benefits in one: superior moisturisation to Classic Care, with the added benefit of SPF15 protection and skin-loving vitamins too.Olay Beauty Fluid RegularActive Beauty Fluid is enriched with precious moisture-rich nutrients. It works deep down into the skin, locking in natural moisture.This formula is light and non-greasy, it is absorbed deep down into the skin to where it is really needed, leaving no greasy layer on the surface, so that your skin can breathe naturally. It is also an ideal base for make-up.Beauty TipsIdeal for when you want to treat your skin to a quickly absorbed, non-greasy moisturising fluid.After cleansing and toning your skin, take a small amount of the fluid and spread it over the fingertips of both hands. Apply gently to the face and neck.This fluid is also highly suitable for men.Light non greasy formula, quickly absorbed, making it a suitable base for make-up
Designed for one woman. Now loved by millions for younger looking skin
Quenches thirsty skin, leaving it smooth and healthy-looking
The one bottle solution for all your skincare needs
Provides 24 hour moisturisation