Price: $55.50 - $48.50

STARTING TODAY: Indulge Your Senses With The Art Of Essential Oil Blending!

Essential oils have a countless number of uses and benefits including: beauty and skin care, cleansing properties, household use and miraculous therapeutic powers.

Don’t miss the chance to benefit from their benevolent properties!

All The Equipment You Need To Start Making Your Own Essential Oil Remedies At Home!

This premium set includes:

•(1) 4 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle
•(1) 2 oz. Amber Glass Spray Bottle
•(2) 1 oz. Green Dropper Bottles
•(2) 1/2 oz. Amber Storage Bottles
•(6) Cobalt Blue 10 ml Solid Glass Roll On Bottles with Steel Roller Balls
•(2) 2 oz Cobalt Blue Solid Glass Cosmetic Jar with Black Flat Top Lid
•54 count Oval 2 x 1 Weatherproof Labels
•Modern Essentials Reference Card
•10 count 3 ml pipettes
•1 Essential Oil Tool
•(2) Premium Stainless Steel Funnels and 2 Inhaler Sets

Save Money & Time By Getting All The Accessories You Need At Once!

The waterproof labels work best when hand writing the name of your product with permanent ink.(Color of roller bottle tool is random and will either be pink,orange,yellow,blue, green, or black.) Hobson’s Naturals has collected all the products you need in one amazing set, which is distinguishable for its premium quality and its affordable price.

If you are a beginner in the science of essential oils or an expert in the field, this is the best choice, as you get all the necessary tools needed to start blending oils today

This set will work perfectly with all brands of essential oils.

Let Us Guide You To The Wonderful World Of Essential Oils – Place Your Order Today!Solid glass bottles & BPA-free, stainless steel funnels and metal roller balls!
54 oval waterproof labels that won’t smudge or run if they get wet.
Keep your oils shielded in our cobalt blue, green, and amber colored UV protected bottles!
Complete set for all the accessories needed to start blending your favorite essential oils
PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OIL LOVER: Everything needed in one kit