Price: $59.99

Operation Method
1、Please put the product upright, rotate the outer cover and remove it. Refer to Fig.1.
2、Please connect the AC adapter to the DC jack of the base. Refer to Fig.2.
3、Please use the measuring cup to the fill up the water tank.
* Be careful not to exceed 100ML water.
* Do not add water while the device is working and do not use warm or hot water.
4、Drop in some essential oil. It is better to use 2 -3 drops(0.1-0.15ml) of essential oil for 100ml water. Refer to Fig.3.
5、Install the covers back on and rotate it clockwise until the cover and the base are tightly fastened. Refer to Fig.4.
* Important notes: Please cover the outer cover before switch on.
6、Please connect the AC adapter with family user power supply socket. When power on, the aroma diffuser beeps once. At this time, aroma diffuser is in the standby state.
7、If you don’t use it for a long time, please pour all the water out and store it in a dry place.

Function Instructions
1、Left key is LIGHT button.
a、Press the “LIGHT” button once to turn on the light, and the product beeps, and light cycles automatically. During light cycle, press the key to set preferred color.
b、In any time press the “LIGHT” button for three seconds, the light goes out. Refer to Fig.5.
2、Right key is MIST button.
a、The first press of “MIST” button in short time, the product beeps and aroma diffuser work as the interval mist mode (work 30 seconds, stop 30 seconds).
b、When press the “MIST” button again, the product beeps once, and aroma diffuser run as continuous work mode.
c、Press the “MIST” once again in short time, aroma diffuser is off. Refer to Fig.6.
3、If water tank is lack of water, the diffuser will shut off automatically.
*Note: When press the function key, the diffuser will beep once to indicate that your operation is finised.
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🌻 2 Working Modes – Continuous Mist(3-4 Hours) / Intermittent Mist(6 Hours) Diffuser can produce up to 20-30ml of moisture per hour and automatically powers off when water runs out, no worry to use.
🌻 Whisper-Quiet – Noiselessly humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter months.
🌻 8 Color Changing LED Lights – You can have the lights fade in and out, set it at a color you prefer or keep it diffusing with no color.
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